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2013 Area IV Envirothon Winners are:

1st Place

FIRST PLACE-Centerville #1
Kaid Fish, Marissa Popp, Taylor Brenhard, Madison Livingston, Morgan Paris, (Advisor) Robert Erwin


2nd Place

SECOND PLACE - Franklin #1
Chase Henderson, Hailey Karrick, Ethan Miller, (Advisor) Paul Ostermann, Shelby Jackson, John Wright,


3rd Place

THIRD PLACE - Franklin #2
Megan Blankenship, Storm Sperry, John Current, Yugie Hu, (Advisor) Peggy Irvine, Ashleigh Donathan


4th Place

FOURTH PLACE - Sycamore #1
Jessica Hill, John Grossheim, Jimmy Ekstedt, Hanna Suggs, Emily Winchell, (Advisor) Ron Hochstrasser

2012 Area IV Envirothon Winners are:

1st Place Centerville 1

FIRST PLACE-Centerville #1 (Advisor), Stephanie Cloud, Peter Mandre, Amanda Marshall, Jake Carter, Gwen Short

2nd Place Franklin 1

SECOND PLACE-Franklin #1 Chase Henderson, Ethan Miller, Hailey Karrick, Paul Ostermann, Sasha Mangroo, Jon Current

3rd Place Franklin 2

THIRD PLACE-Frankin #2 John Wright, David Lee, Storm Sperry, Peggy Irvine (Advisor), Yujie Hu, Emma Kitchen

4th Place Beavercreek 1

FOURTH PLACE-Beavercreek #1-Michael Wang, Bridget Gladden, Matthew Perrier, Sarah Ahles, Kellie Becknell, Tim Campbell (Advisor)

5th Place Greenville 1

FIFTH PLACE-Greenville #1-Regan Garber, Tracy Bunger, Nick Livingston, Lucas McCabe, Andrew Cech, Mr. Jackson (Advisor)

2011 Area IV Envirothon Winners are:

Beaver Creek High School

The 2010 event was held at Voice of America Park in Butler County.

The 2010 Area IV Envirothon Winners are:

1st Place: Centerville #1 (Montgomery County)

1st place 2010

From Left to Right : Beth Nadler, Tad Parks, Alex Sapleton, Trisha McClain, Kelsey Feverston , Advisor- Robert Erwin

2nd Place: Franklin #1 (Warren County)

2nd place 2010

Left to Right: Brian Turner, Rhea Sublett, Sasha Mangroo, Addie Roberts, Caleb Ehrnschwender, Advisor Paul Osterman (Not Pictured)

3rd Place Franklin #2 (Warren County)

3rd place 2010

Left to Right: Robby Birtch, Hailey Karrick, Zach Young, Stefan Mangroo, Tyler McClellan, Advisor - Peggy Irvine (Not Pictured)

4th Place: Beavercreek #1

4th place 2010

Back row Left to Right: Zach Eardley, Will McGrew, Justin Morris, Advisor - Tim Campbell

Front row Left to Right: Nandini Srinivasan, Rushi Panchal


The 2009 event was held at the Honda of America Plant in Logan County.

The 2009 Area IV Envirothon Winners are:

1st Place: Franklin HS Team # 1
Left to Right: Sasha Mangroo, Addie Roberts, Amber McClellan, Crystal Coldiron, Brian Turner, Paul Ostermann – Advisor

1st place winners 2009


2009 2nd Place:  Beavercreek #1
Left to Right: Tim Campbell – Advisor, Zachary Eardley, Nandini Srinivasan, Justin Morris, Rachel Ahles, Will McGrew.

2nd place winners 2009


2009 3rd Place: Anna H.S. #1
Left to Right: Markus Schemmel, Duane Boyd, Ben Shuster, Nathan Snyder, Chelsea Swartz Mrs. Furrow – Advisor.

3rd place winners 2009


2009 4th Place: Beavercreek #2
Left to Right: Rushi Panchal, Ian Suzuki, Jennifer Bish, Michael Wang, Aubrey Dukeman Deborah Ahles – Advisor.

4th place winners 2009


2008 Winners

The 2008 event was held at Camp Kern in Warren County on May 6. 70 teams competed from 12 counties. These 4 teams will rpresent Area IV at the state envirothon competition.

1st Place: Riverside H.S. #1
Left to Right: Daniel Baughman, Kevin Beatty, Jacob Hurley, Dylan Atterholt, Jacob Minnich, Rod Yoder (Team Advisor)

First place 2008

2008 2nd Place:  Bethel H.S. #2
Left to Right: Aaron Flora, Kyle Terrian, Cody Hart, Todd Newton, Melissa Campbell, Mindy Gatrell (Team Advisor)

Second Place 2008

2008 3rd Place: Beavercreek H.S. #1
Left to Right: Front: Nandini Srinivasan, Aubrey Dukeman
Back: Jeremy Carver, Brian Kocher, Ian Suzuki, Tim Campbell (Team Advisor)

3rd place photo 2008

2008 4th Place: Franklin H.S. #1
Left to Right: Paul Ostermann (Team Advisor), Cameron McDaniel, Crystal Coldiron, Amber McCellan, Ben Wright, Brian Turner

4th place photo 2008



The 2007 Area IV Envirothon Winners are:
1st Place: Riverside H.S. #2
Left to Right: Kevin Beatty, Jacob Minnich, Katy Kite, Dylan Atterholt, Daniel Baughman, Rod Yoder (Team Advisor)

1st 2007


2007 2nd Place:  Franklin H.S. #2
Left to Right: Austin Mangum, Amber McCellan, Crystal Coldiron
Brian Turner, Andrew Frazee, Paul Ostermann (Team Advisor)

2nd 2007


2007 3rd Place: Anna H.S. #1
Left to Right: Katelin Luthman, Matt Elsass, Lauren Fogt
Zac Lay, Lauren Freisthler, Dona Furrow (Team Advisor)

3rd 2007

2007 4th Place: Northmont H.S. #2
Left to Right: Andy Knapke, Dan Wolford, Cody Garber
Helen Trimeloni, Melissa Hammond, Kevin Jones (Team Advisor)

4th 2007

The 2006 Area IV Envirothon was held Tawawa Park in Shelby County on May 2, 2006.

The 2006 Area IV Envirothon Winners are:
1st Place: Northmont H.S. #1
Left to Right: Katie McMillan (Cargill Sponsor), Anna Henry, Jake Heinrichs, Luke Bowman, Monica Christian, Jordon Gruber
Kevin Jones (Team Advisor)

1st 2006


2006 2nd Place:  Anna H.S. #1
Left to Right: Meredith Wentz, Diane Albers, Brian Snyder, John Kindelin,
Dustin Homan and Dona Furrow (team advisor)
2nd 2006


2006 3rd Place: Franklin H.S. #2
Left to Right: Cameron McDaniel, Shane Mangroo, Ben Irvine
Ben Wright, Lilly Stewart, Peggy Irvine (Team Advisor)
3rd 2006


2006 4th Place: Franklin H.S. #1
Left to Right: Justin Taylor, Forest Wetzel, Jeff Sams, Paul Ostermann (Team Advisor), Amanda Wetzel, Peggy Gilbert
4th 2006


2006 5th Place: Sycamore H.S. #2
Left to Right: Eric Schwartz, Gabriel Ng, Nate Eckman, Paolo Gabriel
Daniel Zimmer, Ron Hochstrasser (Team Advisor)

5th 2006

2006 Results From All Teams

The 2005 Area IV Envirothon Winners were:
1st Place: Northmont H.S. #1
Left to Right: Luke Bowman, Monica Christian, Jake Heinrichs, Jordon Gruber, Anna Henry, Advisor Kevin Jones

4th 2005

2nd Place:  Cedarville H.S. #2
Left to Right: Back Row: Erin Fawcett, Kelby Dierking, Christina Bishop
Front: Kristen Corry, Zach Ragle, Advisor Kathe Lindner

1st 2005

3rd Place: Franklin H.S. #1
Left to Right Back: Forest Wetzel, Jeff Sams
Front: Amanda Wetzel, Advisor Paul Ostermann, Brad Mattingly, Justin Taylor 

3rd 2005

4th Place: Fort Loramie H.S. #2
Left to Right Back: Aaron Hickerson, Scott Langenkamp, Chris Bowles, Advisor Alan Bailar
Front: Jill Meyer, Danielle Quinter

2nd 2005

2005 Results from all Teams

We would like to thank all teams for participating and helping to make this year's competition a success!








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